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Lori & Heather – Cupcake Girls, just partners

Today, just minutes before Master Chef Australia, we accidentally bumped into another Aussie show on Net5, called ‘Cupcake Girls’.

It’s a reality show about two best friends who run a successful cupcake store. That’s nothing to be ashamed of. ;) We guessed Lori & Heather are partners, not only in business – you know what we mean.

But they’re just partners. In business. We say: booooring.

Lori & Heather, Cupcake Girls

Lori & Heather, just partners.

2 reacties op “Lori & Heather – Cupcake Girls, just partners

  1. bla
    12 april 2012

    haha yeah it’s a boring show!!

    • grindrforgirls
      17 april 2012

      Always love people who agree with me. But what do you think about Lori? Is it just my imagination?

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