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Why is this site called Grindr for girls?


Grindr for boys

Finally! In this post I’ll reveal why this site is named Grindr for girls. But first:

Thanks for your vote! You did vote, didn’t you?

For those readers who don’t know Grindr: it’s is a populair iPhone/Blackberry/Android app. It’s good stuff if you’re looking for “gay, bi, curious guys for free near you”.

If you happen to not have a penis and you’re interested in gay, bi, curious girls for free near you, there are several ‘Grindrs for girls’ on the market. These are called Qrushr and Blendr (the first sounds interesting if you like sitting on your girlfriend and the other could be fun if you like turning girls into milkshakes).

I never needed such an artificial, technical, designed app on my iPhone. So far, I relied on my very own, internal Grindr for girls. This instinctive device has failed me often, but more often have I been right. I hope.

In this video, the Grindr creator is interviewed by a straight girl. Or…? The answer is in the video (01:25 and somewhere at the end).

Anyhow. This site is called Grindr for girls, also because I love the sound of Grrindrrrr forrrr girrrls.

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