Grindr for Girls

Cool stuff, from a queer girl perspective // lesbisch // maar dan leuker


This blog started on 2 April 2012. On April 1st I decided to pick up my old job: blogging about cool queer stuff, the girl kind.

Hope you like it, I’m sure I do. PS. Ik spreek ook gewoon Nederlands hoor!

2 reacties op “About

  1. sannebloem
    25 april 2012

    what is grindr?

  2. grindrforgirls
    25 april 2012

    Grindr is a populair iPhone/Blackberry/Android app. It’s good stuff if you’re looking for “gay, bi, curious guys for free near you”. There are several ‘Grindrs for girls’, like Qrushr and Blendr (the first sounds interesting if you like sitting on your girlfriend and the other could be fun if you like turning girls into milkshakes).

    But good question, thanks. I’ll soon write a new blogpost about Grindr and reveal why this site is named Grindr for girls. Promise!

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